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[TenTec] Jupiter and OMNI VI Plus

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Subject: [TenTec] Jupiter and OMNI VI Plus
From: mark@microenh.com (Mark Erbaugh)
Date: Mon Apr 28 13:37:36 2003

I have an Omni VI (option 3 upgrade) and a Pegasus which has essentially the
same receiver as the Jupiter. I had owned the Pegasus for over a year before
I came across the Omni and was used to the Pegasus.  It has taken time to
get used to the Omni, but for most of my ham radio stuff, I now prefer the
Omni to the Pegasus. The radio has all 3 optional 6 MHz (PBT board) filters
( 1800, 500 and 250 ) and a 500 Hz and 250 Hz filter at the 9 MHz IF.
However, I rarely use the 9 MHz filters and could probably operated just as
well without them. When I get an Orion, they will propbably be moved to it.

The filters on the Omni are much better than the filters on the Pegasus.
Using the waterfall on a soundcard digital mode program (such as DigiPan),
with the Pegasus filter set at 300 Hz (the narrowest), I see data over 600
Hz or more. With the 250 Hz filter in the Omni, I only see data for 300 Hz
or so.  I find this very handy when operating PSK and the band is crowded.
With a wide filter, I sometimes find that a strong off-channel signal will
de-sense the receiver to the desired signal to where it all but disappears
from the waterfall. I can select the narrow filter and adjust the passband
to the desired signal and back it comes. I find using the the PBT knob is
much easier to adjust the passband than the sliders provided on the Pegasus
control software. I don't know how well the PBT knob works on the Jupiter.

I really don't use the DSP all that much, I'm usually able to clean up the
signal with the filters and PBT. I fortunate to live in a rural area with
not a lot if QRN. The Sunday evening Jupiter / Pegasus 40m net is adjacent
to a shortwave broadcaster and they put out a strong carrier heterodyne. The
manual notch on the Omni takse 99% of it away. The auto notch on the Pegasus
is pretty good to, but I think the manual notch is a bit better. Of course,
the manual notch only works on one heterodyne.

I have also experienced some pops and clicks on phone with the Pegasus,
caused by a strong off channel signal that got through the 15 kHz roofing
filter. This was an annoyance when the old 20m TT net operated a few kHz
above the Collins net and it was only with a couple of the stations there.

Just in case you didn't know, the Omni VI is ham band only while the Jupiter
has a general coverage receiver.


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> I don't need all the bells and whistles on the Plus but do need good DSP.
> is the Jupiter in comparison with the Plus? Sorry for all the questions
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