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[TenTec] my non-working dipole. why??

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Subject: [TenTec] my non-working dipole. why??
From: kz2g@optonline.net (KZ2G)
Date: Mon Apr 28 15:37:45 2003
Well, my 17-mtr dipole did not work on my wheelchair mobile.  i did have the
one with the balun but could not load it up with my tuner.  i think because
the tuner was betwen two 20-ft lengths of coax and not close to my ft-100d.
do u think that's why i could not get the dipole to load up?

actually on receive the miracle whip seemed to work as well and with nearly
perfect swr on transmit.  it was not connected to tuner.  it has its own
built in tuner that works great on bands below 40 meters.

Bob, KZ2G --- 10-10 # 10148
        Omni 6 Plus (Base) & FT-100D (Wheelchair Mobile), C U on CW!
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