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[TenTec] Soldering Irons; Adaptive Devices

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Subject: [TenTec] Soldering Irons; Adaptive Devices
From: tomnorth@airmail.net (Tom North)
Date: Mon Apr 28 15:38:01 2003
Vince & the group,
not sure exactly what you mean by 'adaptive devices', but am assuming that
you are using one form or another of magnification to assist in your work.
Having been doing 'close work' off and on for the last 30+ years I have this
to contribute:
About 20 years ago it became evident that really good focus on anything
closer than abt 12-15" was increasingly becoming a part of my history. Being
very un-vain in some respects, I started using the Opti-Visor 'system',
which has been around, it seems, since shortly after dirt was perfected. A
reference link is here:
These come in powers, or diopters, but the really important thing here is
*focal length*. While degree of magnification is the logical place to start,
we generally tend to overstate that, and wind up with the part under
scrutiny too close, physically, for anything other than examination.
Bottom line is that usually it is preferable to back off the magnification
in favor of getting the proportions of the critter to the work in the right
balance to make life easier. The site above does a good basic job of
spelling this out. The product is available at most hobby, craft and
technical supply houses. While a bit on the pricey side, the value I place
on my eyes and sanity far outweigh this.
GL & 73'
Tom  N5OZQ

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Subject: [TenTec] Soldering irons

> Good morning,
> I sam currently using a Weller soldering iron that has a total length of 8
> inches. Because of a visual problem and the need to use adaptive equipment
> a shorter iron would be helpful. Does anyone know of an iron in the 5 to 6
> inch range?  If so, where is it abailable?
> Thanks,
> Vince Santis,N1VS
> Winsted, CT

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