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[TenTec] Advise on Jupiter and Argonaut V

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Subject: [TenTec] Advise on Jupiter and Argonaut V
From: schaffer@musc.edu (Dr. Frederick M. Schaffer)
Date: Tue Apr 29 15:29:41 2003
Hi folks,
   I would appreciate your help with the following questions. I'm a new ham 
(just acquired my general ticket)  and would like to buy a TenTec rig.
 1. several eham reviews commented on the "audio hash" on certain frequencies 
occurring in the Jupiter due to computer scanning. How common is this and do 
the newer models still have this problem? Also, is there a current problem with 
the tuning dial?
2. Has anyone compared the receiver's performance of the Jupiter in comparison 
to the Icom 746 PRO-what are your thoughts?
3. Also, has anyone compared the receiving performance of the Argonaut V in a 
comparison to the ICOM 746 PRO-what are your thoughts on the comparison?
   I'll be looking forward to reading your thoughts and suggestions. Thanks for 
the help.
fred (kg4ygp).
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