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[TenTec] Omni 6+ DSP/DSP Units

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Subject: [TenTec] Omni 6+ DSP/DSP Units
From: benk8dit@serv.net (Ben K8DIT)
Date: Tue Apr 29 20:03:15 2003
With each successive model of Ten Tec radio you get a new tool or a refined
implementation of the old tools used for reception. If you use the tools as
they were designed, you get results. If you implement the tools to do the
impossible, you will get dissapointed. Understanding what the tools were
designed to do is everything. Stating that the DSP on the 6+ doesnt work
that well on phone is not bringing anything to the table. Discovering what
it does do compared with the Clearspeech or the DSP9+ can be illuminating.
My take on the audio DSP choices are that the Omni6+/OPT1 is superior on CW,
and the implementation of the DSP9+ on SSB is better because of the
independent AGC available in that circuit. In all cases if there is not
sufficient signal to process, there is no way to make an improvement. So the
DSPs available either in/outboard of the Corsair or the Omni 6 series are
audio DSPs and limited to processing audio output only. The Jupiter with DSP
implementation in the IF is a whole new set of tools, and works differently
by design. My take on the Jupiter schema is that its superior to previous
designs, given the ability to vary the bandwidth more critically as the DSP
works both phone and cw sigs. Peaking either one for best copy is easier.
When copy gets rough, its nice to be able to implement the tool if for only
the instant that its happening. Things change so fast though that copy could
deteriorate beyond the ability of the tool used, or improve so that the tool
is unnecessary. Hams with skill and experience use the toolbox judiciously
preferring to wring out the radio's native ability before changing down to
narrower filter, knowing how to tune in the sig so that when the filter
changes, the signal is still there, peak it with either the PBT
or the RIT, or both, and then hitting the NR to effectively lift the signal
from the background. Backing off of each of these, if they prove to be
inneffective.  I can do this equally well with the Corsair+ outboard DSP,
the Omni 6+ or the Jup. Each successive radio makes implementation smoother
due to design and ergonomic placement. QSK is not affected using outboard
DSPs if directions are followed. I had to reread the DSP9+ manual 4 or 5
times to fully understand how it worked, maybe that's where I screwed up, so
after using it for a year and a half, I still want it handy when using the
Corsair, Omni 6, Heathkit SB303/401 and others.

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