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[TenTec] Suggestion for Argonaut V

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Subject: [TenTec] Suggestion for Argonaut V
From: w3uls@3n.net (John Rippey)
Date: Tue Apr 29 23:11:16 2003
In using the Argonaut V, I have found working split is less than ideal. 
Here are some suggestions for a flash-ROM update, if that's the right jargon.

One improvement would be for the tuning dial "LOCK" feature to affect only 
one VFO at a time. (This may not be possible due to the VFO circuitry 
Ten-Tec utilizes.) At any rate, VFO "A" could be locked onto the DX 
station's sending frequency while VFO "B" would be free and used to select 
a second frequency from which to call the DX station. With the present 
set-up, it's too easy to move the tuning dial, hence frequency, when 
switching back and forth between VFO's and lose either the DX station's 
sending frequency or a good spot to make a call.

Another way to go would be to modify the RIT/XIT operation in two ways:

1. Make the "RIT" button toggle on and off so successive presses would take 
you to the VFO's frequency (which could be locked onto the DX station's 
sending frequency) and back again to the RIT frequency. As it is, the RIT 
frequency readout disappears when the "RIT" button is pressed, but the 
receiver stays put on that frequency. (A longer press of the "RIT" button 
erases the RIT frequency entirely.)

2. Make it an option for the XIT frequency to track the RIT frequency. This 
change would enable you to send instantly from the RIT frequency. As it is 
now, you have to press "FUNCTION" then "RIT," to activate XIT, tune the XIT 
to the same frequency as the RIT (which frequency has to be remembered 
because there is but one RIT/XIT readout available), then start sending. 
This takes way too long. In the category of "if wishes were horses," it 
would be great to have a "REVERSE" button as on the OMNIs that makes it 
possible to listen in on the second VFO's frequency and change that 
frequency while keeping the button pressed.

All in all, a fine radio.


John, W3ULS

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