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[TenTec] Pwgasus tx problem

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Subject: [TenTec] Pwgasus tx problem
From: kb2m@comcast.net (Jeff Griffin)
Date: Wed Apr 30 06:07:00 2003
 I haven't used my Peg in a week or so. Last night I powered it up to work
some 17m. I found out that it won't tx on 17m and above, in CW, SSB , or
tune mode. The tx light comes on, but no output. This happen's with several
s/w control programs.  Has anyone had the same problem? I'm in a bit of a
hurry as my Orion is due here tomorrow! So I would like to work on this
tonight. I have a set of the schematics, any ideas?

 Heard this on local repeater yesterday....

 "I've narrowed it down to two rig's, the Mark 5 field, and the ProII. I
really like the ProII because it's really neat that you can change the
display background, the guy at HRO changed it to a skyline of Tokyo, that
was really cool..."

On my mother's grave, I'm not making this up......

73 Jeff kb2m

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