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Subject: [TenTec] DSP
From: kd7efq62@hotmail.com (M.Todd Miskel)
Date: Wed Apr 30 07:31:30 2003
I hope no one took my posting as a bashing 6+, Although I am an SSB
op, and even though the 6+ is an outstanding CW rig, I know I get
the benefits of it's design on SSB too. I will be doing the inrad
audio mod etc. Personally, I have noticed that the Clear speech is
a little more stable dsp than the built in 6+ dsp as I don't hear as
much of the wow wow type pumping effect on the clear speech. However,
there is the waterfall sound effect on the Clear speech, but it fades
wery low after the algorithm has settled in. Of course the clear speech
was designed several years after the 6+ so I expect it would be an
improvement in technology. I still am keeping my 6+ for its outstanding
reciever, at least until I can afford an Orion. (Maybe in my next life
HI HI.) 73's all.

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