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[TenTec] DSP units

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Subject: [TenTec] DSP units
From: w9wis@charter.net (Michael Melland)
Date: Wed Apr 30 09:56:30 2003
> I find that my DSP-59+ unit (Timewave unit, now discontinued) works very
> with both the Corsair II and the Omni V. It provides noise reduction,
> filtering, and bandwidth selection.

Goes to show that "different strokes for different folks" is sure true in
the choice of radio gear.  I have a full filtered Omni V.9 that I teamed up
with a Timewave 59+.  I hated the SSB artifacts (watery sound) on SSB and
found the DSP CW filter didn't add any additional ability for weak signal
copy that my crystal filters didn't already provide.

It was able to drop the perceived noise floor by using noise reduction
but.... was too expensive to keep around for too little gain.... FOR ME your
own experience may vary as noted by comments from others that found them

I'd sure try out an external DSP device before shelling out cash for one...
you may or may not find it worth the cost.

Mike, W9WIS

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