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[TenTec] Pwgasus tx problem

To: <tentec@contesting.com>
Subject: [TenTec] Pwgasus tx problem
From: res0wsci@verizon.net (WILLIAM MANSEY; WA2PVK)
Date: Wed Apr 30 10:41:21 2003
Hi Jeff,
    That's IT! - I am getting rid of my ORION so I can have the skyline of
Tokyo on my rig!   NOT!  I wonder how much R&D cost, and final cost of the
rig, went into these USEFUL display options?
    Perhaps Ten-Tec could do a Flash ROM update so that the Orion display
could show a silhouette of The Smoky Mountains?  I am sure that sales would
take a huge leap for that reason alone!  :-)
    Now - back to reality.  Have you tried a dummy load or another antenna?
I do not have a Pegasus but did have a Jupiter.  I seem to recall hearing
relays click when changing bands.  Perhaps that is the problem.  73, Bill

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