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[TenTec] FOR SALE:Centurion 422 with new 3-500zg tubes.

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Subject: [TenTec] FOR SALE:Centurion 422 with new 3-500zg tubes.
From: kd7efq62@hotmail.com (M.Todd Miskel)
Date: Fri Aug 1 12:00:03 2003
I have a Centurion 422 with a brand new matched set of RF Parts 3-500zg 
tubes. Unit is Grey to match the Omni's / CorsairII etc. Last digit of 
serial # is 1 which I have been told means it was made in 2001. I cannot 
find a scratch on the unit, it looks mint and is clean inside. Tubes were 
properly burned in per RF Parts instructions for 15 hrs on standby, and have 
less than 5 hrs talk time. I am selling only to pay for a Titan 425 I am 
buying and cannot afford to keep both. Price is $1650 Shipped CONUS, or will 
sell less tubes for $1450 shipped CONUS. Contact Todd, KD7EFQ62@hotmail.com  
Unit worked fine on 75/40m, I didn't try it on other bands. 73.

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