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[TenTec] 2A GA Omni A, Omni D at w4rrw

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Subject: [TenTec] 2A GA Omni A, Omni D at w4rrw
From: tomnorth@airmail.net (Tom North)
Date: Wed Aug 6 13:40:16 2003
Winston and all,

You might want to call and see if TT still markets their p/n 1205 inductor
kit. This is the one used in the smaller tuners (291, etc.) and
counterpoise, and *was* available separately, though not on the website.
Clever piece, and an interesting solution for a balanced tuner (a'la
Measures.) I had a discussion with TT a couple years ago abt this one, and
the caveat was to tune at low power, 10-20W max. Also a very economical unit
from the stanpoint of physical size.
GL & 73'
Tom  N5OZQ
I believe that Ten-Tec made their own tunable inductors for their 300-watt
models. Rather than taps, they used a slider contact, sort of like a
73, Winston  K4CWQ

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