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[TenTec] Building VFO's for Omni A-D's

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Subject: [TenTec] Building VFO's for Omni A-D's
From: sswhite@mchsi.com (Steve)
Date: Sat Aug 9 01:46:33 2003
I have been thinking about converting an old Argosy to use it as an external
VFO for an Omni-D that I have.  I know that this is akin to making a hammer
out of a shovel but the Argosy PA is gone and the case is in bad shape  and
don't think that I want to spend the money to buy an external VFO so thought
this might be an interesting project.

So I have some questions for the group....

1. Anyone done this kind of thing before???
2. Since I don't have a schematic I have no idea how complex the circurity
is in an external vfo for the Old Omni Series..If anyone has a schematic and
a wiring diagram they could scan for me I would appreciate it.  Any comments
on how complex the additional circuitry beyond the PTO is...
3. What feattures or capabilities would you add to an external VFO that are
not already present in the TT external VFO's for the Omni's??

This idea sort of peaks my interest and am looking for any wisdom that I can

Tnx  Steve NU0P

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