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[TenTec] re:Omni V PLL Board rework question

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Subject: [TenTec] re:Omni V PLL Board rework question
From: jfarler@peoplepc.com (John Farler)
Date: Sun Aug 10 22:36:28 2003
I had this problem years ago with my Omni V.  As I recall they told
me to resolder around the can as you said.  I took the board out
and redid the connections around the can, and the problem went
away and hasn't come back for 10-12 years. (probably more) 

If I can do it, you can...just make sure you get the jumpers 
plugged back in when you put the card back in.  I don't think
there were too many of them, though.  Omni V has big spacy box,
and no problem doing this.

Gl, 73,
John Farler

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> Hi all
> Recently my Omni V has displayed an intermittent problem - while listening
> to a signal it will get very "watery" sounding and then go away all
> together. I called Tentec and the guy I spoke with seemed to thing it was a
> matter of the PLL unlocking (which is what it sounded like to me). He
> suggested that if I was willing to try repair myself, I should take out the
> PLL board and re-solder all the stuff around the osc can. It seems that
> there is compound in there that over time can cause problems from heating
> and cooling and that this a somewhat common occurance. Not that all rigs
> have it, but of those that do, the connection problem is the usual answer.
> My question - has anybody done this and is there anything that I should be
> on the lookout for? I would much rather fix this myself that ship it out and
> have UPS do the final stress test for me.
> Frank
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