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Subject: [TenTec] Antenna Analyzers
From: wlfuqu00@uky.edu (Bill Fuqua)
Date: Thu Aug 14 16:32:07 2003
Analyzers have been improving over the years. The ones had were  the first 
ones off the production line. This last one is fairly good. If  they used 
better detectors and bridge circuits they would be much more accurate. The 
that is fried is a plain 259 no a, b or c.
It does not have a PIC microcontroller in it as in the schematic down 
loaded and the display board seem to be made by some other outfit. If the 
controller is fried may be out of luck anyway. But never the less. Some day 
I'll get back to it.
As far a GAP goes. I think some of their advertising is snake oil. About 
how they get the signal high in the air over near by houses to prevent TVI 
and stuff like that. I'll take a good old Mosley any day.

Bill wa4lav

At 07:45 PM 8/14/2003 +0000, you wrote:
>I also don't understand the secrecy.  It seems to me that anyone who 
>seriously wanted to make a bunch of knockoffs abroad could buy one from 
>MFJ and reverse engineer it.  it would be harder if they used custom chips 
>but why not simply get patents for anything proprietary?
>I once heard GAP is the same way--I understand it's hard to get answers 
>from them about how their antennas work, which makes no sense.  Anyone 
>could just buy a gap antenna and cut it open to find out what they do 
>inside and contract out to Taiwan et al. and their secrecy would be to no 
>There's a new analyzer on the market from Japan that I have seen 
>advertized in QST recently--not Autek but something else--but the name of 
>the mfr. I can't remember off hand.
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