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Subject: [TenTec] U-Bolts
From: AC5E@aol.com (AC5E@aol.com)
Date: Fri Aug 15 17:48:20 2003
If your local  Ace Hardware or plumbing supply (where your plumber buys pipe 
and fittings)  does not have them try <A 
HREF="www.dxengineering.com">www.dxengineering.com</A>  for the complete 
U-bolt/saddle clamp assembly to fit antenna tubing sizes;  or McMaster Carr or 
Grainger for pipe size U-bolts.  

One thing - stainless galls and it's comparatively brittle. Use a good 
anti-sieze compound on the threads before you put the nuts on, and don't use a 
cheater bar on the wrench. I have had good luck with Break Free CLP from the 
sporting goods department at WalMart and most good gun shops - and an 8" long 
end gives you all the leverage you need. 

73  Pete Allen  AC5E

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