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[TenTec] Omni C on 17m

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Subject: [TenTec] Omni C on 17m
From: csturner@slonet.org (Clark Savage Turner)
Date: Sun Aug 17 00:05:55 2003
Hi Paul -

Its not really a problem, but it is a design flaw.  Hard to understand 
that the Ten Tec engineers didn't see it coming though.

Since the OMNI-C has a 9 mHz IF, and 17 meters is at 18 mHz, you'll see 
equally strong signals produced through the IF circuit on each "side" of 
18 mHz, so there are strong spurious signals below 18 mHz whenever you 
transmit on 17 meters, any mode.

I would not use the OMNI (A, B or C) on 17 meters for that reason.  
There are a few ways to help with this problem, but none of them are 
simple or straightforward.  The Delta I ( single IF at 6.3 mHz) was 
really the solution to the problem, as was the Corsair I (1st IF at 6.3 
mHz in a dual conversion system).

I'm still having a tough time putting my equipment up for sale, keeping 
some, but need to generate cash for a home purchase we're aiming for.


On Saturday, August 16, 2003, at 07:05 PM, Paul DeWitte K9OT wrote:

> Without going into too much detail can someone fill me in on the problem
> with an Omni C on 17m? I seem to remember something about the IF 
> having a
> problem on 17m. Is this on SSB and CW both?
> Thanks 73 Paul K9OT
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