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[TenTec] Omni V.9 Station n' Herc Amp Perhaps FS...

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Subject: [TenTec] Omni V.9 Station n' Herc Amp Perhaps FS...
From: w9wis@charter.net (Michael Melland, W9WIS)
Date: Wed Aug 20 10:17:12 2003
I began organizing all my radio equipment last weekend in it's new desk.  I
have discovered (gasp) that I don't have room for it all.  Having a new
Ten-Tec station as well I find the following excess to my needs.

I prefer to sell as a group at this time... I have values in mind seperately
but serious offers for the group considered. Pics available... but you
already know what it looks like <grin>.  A station pic is on my web page
too: http://webpages.charter.net/w9wis

Omni V.9 with full N4PY upgrade.  No stickers on keys... I installed new
keys I obtained from Ten-Tec so it all looks factory.  Perhaps a couple
small scratches somewhere on the sides but not noticeable.  Has the
enunciator. A bit of paint wear on the finger hole in the knob.  Works
perfectly... all filters included. Still the best cw rig + ham band receiver
I ever owned.

Model 238 tuner - as new

Model 301 knob - built from the kit Ten-Tec offered a few years ago - as new

Model 962 power supply/speaker - as new

I also have a Hercules II (late) with the proper Model 236 "Y" cable (for
automatic bandswitching etc with the Omni V, VI and VI+) I may sell.
With.... two custom paralleled Astron Model RS-70M  70 amp power supplies
for the amp. Amp and supplies are 9.5 to 10 and work perfectly. I may end up
keeping this for use with my Jupiter.... but who knows.

Mike, W9WIS
Winneconne, WI

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