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[TenTec] ADSP2 Review in September CQ Amateur Radio

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Subject: [TenTec] ADSP2 Review in September CQ Amateur Radio
From: n7rr@hotmail.com (Bruce Prior)
Date: Wed Aug 20 22:27:30 2003
The September 2003 issure of CQ Amateur Radio includes my review, "The 
Noise-reduced SG-2020 ADSP2 HF Transceiver and Separate ADSP2 Board."  The 
SG-2020 ADSP2 is a fine radio for SSB operation and since it's so simple to 
operate, it makes a fine choice for mobile and emergency operation.  Since 
the SG-2020 ADSP is optimized for SSB rather than CW, I chose instead to use 
the ADSP2 board in my Argonaut V transceiver, which considerably improves 
its noise-reducing characteristics.  See also my Rock-Mite review in the 
coming October issue of CQ Amateur Radio.
73, Bruce Prior

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