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Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2003 20:01:43 -0500
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I have had my Orion for 4 days.. Quite a rig.. It's a keeper.  But I have
been getting reports that I needed more

highs.  There is nothing in "the book" that I could hang my hat on.  So I
called Scott ,W4PA at TenTec.

He wrote the book. TenTec will have a new op. manual, ie "the book" soon.
But he was most helpful and

emailed me the new chapter on TX audio.  This is good stuff and I want to
thank him for this info.  I am

sure all of you had already figured this out , but it was a big help to me.
See the "clean" attach.

73   Josh,  N4VB,  10 mi. NW of Huntsville, Alabama..........

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Subject: Orion SSB

> Josh:
> See the attached file.  It's a .doc file for Word 2000, excerpted from the
> new version of the manual that I am writing at present.   For the Studio
> One, follow what I have outlined in the document, and set the TX EQ
> control to about -14 dB to start.  Try from there....
> Scott Robbins W4PA


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