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Re: [TenTec] Is this how it is done today?

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Is this how it is done today?
From: "Dave Kamp, KW0D" <kw0d@netexpress.net>
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Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2003 10:55:04 -0500
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Tom wrote:
>...Of course, if he no longer has a license then he can just laugh it off.

I don't think a complaint would have much of an effect on his status... nor
would a small claim, but no money changed hands.

Although I don't think much of the situation, and I certainly wouldn't've
worded the response with that ambiguity, things like that DO happen.  

I'm inclined to suspect that he got a fair amount of inquiries, and
probably found someone local, possibly a close friend, or willing to make a
direct pick up, with cash-in-hand.  Note that when something's in pristine
condition, EVERY OM/YL would prefer to NOT put it in boxes, pack it all up,
and leave it to the whim of a delivery truck.  Not only is the packing a
pain, you're almost guaranteed that it'll get marked somehow in transit.
For the most part, we're wierd about keeping things pristine. let's face
it- most HAMs will treat these pieces of equipment (especially linears with
good-working finals and no boo-boos) better than their CHILDREN... simply
because their children can defend themselves... so a local pick-up is
always a more valuable option.

Another possibility is that someone offered to buy the whole package, which
would 'keep the family' together... or possibly both of the above.  With
some things (especially Ten-Tec enthusiasts that're selling their stuff),
it's not so much 'about the money'.  It's more like a cult.

Not to weep- fortunately, there are quite a few opportunities that come up,
and you haven't lost a cent, and another will come along.  Lucky for you,
most TenTec'ers are pretty finicky souls, so the machines that're out there
are usually in excellent physical, and usually very-good working
condition... and the few that end up going through fires, floods, tornados,
or careless shacks find their way to WB9IOG's workshop, where countless
hours of blood, sweat, tears, coffee, and head-scratching typically put it
back in operation... then he swaps or hamfests for the next project.

Speaking of which, the Internet has opened up our abilities to
buy-sell-trade, as well as contact and track others with like interests...
What used to be word-of-mouth at hamfests, is now global, and right under
our fingertips.  What was once looked-upon as 'lifetime opportunities', now
appear every day... raising the bar of our expectations, in a world that's
electronically much bigger, faster, and less rainy than Dayton, or all
hamfests put together.  Still, we've got our callsigns, so there's no
'hiding' for deceptive business... eventually, the bad apples end up
falling to the ground and being eaten by worms.

Fortunately, the world of online buy-sell-trade extends beyond... for
example, Model A Ford clubs, Cub Cadet clubs, etc...  let's face it-  if
you have an interest in some particular thing, there's probably already a
group out there, and there's folks with wants, needs, and stuff lyin'
around.  If you share their enthusiasm, you're gonna find that they're good

Amidst most, there's always those that do nothing but buy, part-out, and
sell, or buy-and-resell.  I don't have a problem with that.  In the HAM
world, there's guys that show up at a hamfest really-early (or the day
before), buy stuff for cash, then tote it to their table, put a higher
price on it, and try to generate a profit.  Then there's a few that go
through a hamfest, buy stuff for cheap, then sell it on E-pay.  I don't
think much of that, nor do I think much of someone who banters price on
things sold out of an OM's estate sale, and rather than putting good-used
gear in the hands of local new-hams, they e-auction it... that's rude to
the hobby.  But the activity  really dispise, is when someone makes a post
on a reflector that says something like:

---For Sale- really pristine Paragon II, all the options, new in box!  See

In my opinion, it's downright rude to make such a posting...  Instead, the
poster should respect the list members by making it available for direct
sale FIRST, and if it doesn't sell, move it to E-auction quietly.  Using
special-interest group reflectors as an advertising media is downright rude.

<<Climbing off the soapbox...>>

Anyway, Chip-  you're not out any cash, just rudely snubbed of an
opportunity.  Perhaps Brian had reasons for his behaviour, and once things
get straightened-out, he'll contact you with an explanation and apology.
If he doesn't, so-be-it, he might've been inconsiderate or rude, but don't
earmark him as a thief.

73, and good luck in finding A Herc II.  Another will turn up, and as most
all are, it'll be in good shape.
DK  :-)
73's from KW0D Dave in LeClaire, Iowa
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