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Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2003 18:24:29 +0100
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RE:-  X2404P Serial Eeprom in Omni V (Anthony Bowyer NT4X)

I have been using one of the X24C04 eeproms in my TT 253 auto-ATU for some 
time now. I got my first replacement X2404P from TT, but then I bought a bag 
of the X24C04P CMOS version from a UK parts house relatively inexpensively. 
The 253 ATU already comes with a socket for the chip  ... when the ATU has 
had a lot of use it starts to forget what its at and  that is probably the 
signal to think about replacing the eeprom. A messy job involving removing 
the front panel, but at least TT put a socket in there ... 

Yep, the Omni-V has this chip soldered in and I certainly agree that 
replacement with a good quality socket is not just advisable, it is essential 
because if you ever have to swap the chip out again the PCB is going to be in 
a real mess.
Athough I need to do it, I'm not exactly looking forward to it. But when I 
switch to 17m after the rig has been switched off for a while, I get either 
11-something or 19-something and have to do a lot of button pressing to get 
into the the band.
So much for rapid band changes. The ATU gets there long before the Omni-V 

John G3JAG 
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