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Date: Wed, 3 Nov 2004 15:08:30 -0700
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> I have used an Astron RS35M for 30 yrs. and it
> is noise free, I own several other Astrons and
> none of them make any noise when running.
> Gene Hawkins

And Gene, not only  is your Astron quiet, but it is also RF quiet, too. No 
matter what anybody says, all switching mode power supplies put out RF noise. 
Some guys don't know what it sounds like, so they will deny that any noise is 
generated by their units. But give me a receiver and I will find the noise 
every time. It may be weak, but it's there. And certain antenna configurations 
make the problem worse. This is why I have never liked switching mode power 
supplies. Sure, they're light. But they are also sources of RFI and I don't 
allow them near my shack. 

It is difficult enough to deal with the many, many SMPS in electronic devices 
all over this neighborhood, most of which are many times worse than the ones 
many hams use.

Gene, a big, linear power supply is awesome. Hang on to that unit.


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