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Re: [TenTec] Orion / Pro II DSP Question

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Orion / Pro II DSP Question
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Date: Sun, 7 Nov 2004 10:48:30 -0600
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Hi Todd,

The receiver in the Orion is quieter and the noise blankers (hardware and DSP) in the Orion work better. Quite frankly, Icom could have left the NB switch off of the IC756PRO II and it would work the same as it does with the switch in the "on" position on 75m. The NR function on the IC756ProII is probably a little better than the one in the Orion as the one in the Orion induces some distortion. The important thing to remember is that the IC756 series DOES NOT have the ability to update its firmware over the internet for free...so what you initially buy is what you got..period! With the Orion's ability to update its firmware for free over the internet, improvements can (and are) be made. The user interface on the Orion is not as user friendly as the Icom, but is also infinitely more flexible. The Orion is harder to set up, because the Icom setup is forever fixed at predetermined values. The Orion is not, so there is a learning curve with the Orion that is not present on the IC756 series. The receiver of the Orion is much quieter than the 756 series of radios. This is a result of using the patented Jones Oscillator circuit in the Orion. In practical terms, on 75m SSB, when comparing the 2 radios, I found that with the IC756PROII, I could talk to and reliably copy 2 stations in a roundtable (they were on the west coast and running typically 100watts) and with the Orion, I could talk to and reliably copy 6 stations in the same group. My test went on for one week and at the end of the week I SOLD my IC756PROII because the Orion's receiver (when properly set up) was so much better(quieter and with less internally generated noise and distortion due to the use of the above mentioned circuits). The Orion is so much more flexible than the IC756 series of radio that you can change virtually all of the parameters of the radio to match band conditions (this can also be a curse initially if you are not familiar with the radio). For example, with the Orion you can set both receivers to tune from one knob, so that you can simulate diversity reception to take advantage of your brains ability to hear signals in stereo (which makes them more intelligible).

Now to get back to your original question, the noise level in my urban neighborhood on the IC756PROII, IC756PRO, and IC756 is typically S9+15 on 75m during the summer months. Using the Orion with its various roofing filters, the noise level at the same time of year(same antenna etc) on 75m is typically S6.

If you do decide to buy the Orion, make certain to get the one with the antenna tuner installed, as the radio is not upgradable with respect to the internal antenna tuner. The resale value of the radios w/the antenna tuner installed seems to be much better that the ones without the internal tuner installed. The internal tuner will match up to a 10 to 1 SWR while the Icom will only match a 3 to 1 .

73 es Guid DX,

Kirby, K7EC

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Subject: [TenTec] Orion / Pro II DSP Question

Hello all, still contemplating a new rig after the first of the year. Is
there anyone here who has owned both the Orion and Pro II, that can tell me which
DSP / NR sytem is better for handling urban background noise on SSB operation?
I live in a small city, but I seem to have a fair amount of background noise,
usually anywhere from S-4 to S-7, and would like to know how the two rigs
compare on noise handling.

73, Todd - KT0DD - kd7efq@aol.com
"The race is over...THE RATS WON !"
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