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Re: [TenTec] N4PY Orion Control Program Version 1.12 Released

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] N4PY Orion Control Program Version 1.12 Released
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Date: Mon, 8 Nov 2004 15:00:00 -0500
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Eric, I also have the HRD program and also the n4py control program. I have been playing with both for about four weeks now I think. At this time there is no comparison between the two. The Ham Radio Deluxe does not have full implementation of all the features of the Orion, whereas the n4py program does.

A few examples: On the HRD there is no manual notch control, on the n4py program there is and it works very well. The Pod control on the HRD doesn't work at all, and on the n4py the Pod works very nicely. The RIT for the sub-receive doesnt work on the HRD program. There is no sweep function on the HRD, whereas on the n4py program the sweep is really great. You just click on a peak and your VFO goes there instantly.

Also, it is difficult to tune the sub-receive on the HRD program. You have to click on the individual sub-receive frequency numbers to get the numbers to change, or you have to use the mouse wheel to turn the numbers on the subrecieve VFO...very tacky. (very slow) The only other way to tune the sub-recieve with HRD is to assign it to VFO A. The tuning on the n4py program is classy, with three different ways to tune both the sub-recieve and the main-receive. (different speeds for tuning )

I use the n4py program with cwtype on cw and it works very well. When I use the cwtype with the HRD the sent cw skips or stumbles as it is being sent. I have communicated with the authors of HRD about this problem but as of yet no fix for this. So when I am on cw with cw type I naturally use the n4py program as it is flawless.

The old saying ,"You get what you pay for" has some merit here. It is good that the authors of HRD are trying to provide a free software control program. However, they have said the Ten-Tec rigs are not a high priorty right now, and I think it shows.

The n4py program comes with pre-programmed shortwave station frequencies that you can click on to QSY where you want to listen, also the AM broadcast band frequencies are programmed into the n4py software and you can just click to QSY to what ever station you want to listen to.

The HRD has a long way to go to equal the operating quality of the n4py program. Maybe with time they will get there. Toby W4CAK

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Subject: RE: [TenTec] N4PY Orion Control Program Version 1.12 Released

Hi everybody...

First of all, this is only an INFORMATION, I have nothing to do with the
company hereunder. This is only an information that might be useful for some
of us.

I'm using with great results the HAM RADIO DELUXE v3.0 software to control
my Tentec Orion. This a great product has it seems to be very useful and
"bugless" !

The installation process is clean and professionnal as well, using the
software is friendly and it works 100% with the Orion !

The best of all, this software is absolutely FREE for download from the
author's web site. Simon Brown, HB9DRV is doing a great job for free, it is
absolutely amazing.

With all the software we have to use (and buy) for our radio activities, I'm
pretty sure we could spend all of our money just buying this or that
software ! Maybe the "FREE" version of an application is not as complete as
the "NOT SO FREE" version but it's worth to try it !

Just download the ZIP image file from the HB9DRV website and go for it ! :-)



I respect the guys who are doing business with software... but I respect
also those who provides very nice solutions for free  as well ! ;-)

All the best,

Eric, ON6CV.

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