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[TenTec] OMNI D series C help please

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Subject: [TenTec] OMNI D series C help please
From: "Tony" <g3zrj@morsekey.fsnet.co.uk>
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Date: Mon, 8 Nov 2004 22:36:39 -0000
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I've dredged through the archives but so far have had no success re the 

PTO backlash/hand capacitance
(I have fitted a piece of wire from a straightened out spring between the two 
screws securing the PTO assembly to the front chassis to earth the shaft of the 
PTO and to increase tension to reduce the "creep" when tuning LF which causes 
the VFO to move about 300 to 500 Hz on a "semi random" basis on release of the 
tuning knob.    Is this an acceptable means of attacking the problem? - or am I 
likely to distort the PTO mechanism?

QSK heavy clicks -  I've heard rumours that this may be caused if a previous 
owner has modified the rig for faster QSK...  can some kind soul please point 
me at the board/component that I can check for this mod?

Finally here's one to make you chuckle...
Having bought this OMNI D to function as sole rig and knowing it wasn't exactly 
in pristine condition I found the following:    The S meter was erratic and the 
S meter lamp flickered a lot.... some joker had secured a tagstrip carrying the 
supply to the lamp and the S meter lead to the front chassis via a rusty 1/2" 
Wood Screw  - argggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh.

73  Tony G3ZRJ

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