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[TenTec] WinXP or Win98 ?

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Subject: [TenTec] WinXP or Win98 ?
From: "NJ0IP" <Rick@dj0ip.de>
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Date: Sun, 14 Nov 2004 20:35:48 -0800
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Hi Carl,

My ham computer has died (the motherboard) and I'm going to replace the
entire box with a newer and smaller one (the one I used in Friedrichshafen
to demo your software).

Right now I've got only XP in German installed on it.
I prefer to use English for my private stuff, so I must do a new build

About 6 months ago you told me there were some advantages of 98 over XP but
I can't recall what you said.  So while I'm at it, perhaps it would be
better to do a dual-install and put 98 on the C drive and XP on the D drive.
This has the advantage that I could run DOS in native mode on the C drive
for stuff like CT, etc.

Otherwise, for all other non-ham stuff, I prefer XP over 98.

My most often used applications are email and running the transceiver from
your software.  I also surf a lot from this computer, especiall when looking
for ham-related stuff.  Until now the ham computer has been running 98.

Of course the simplest solution would be to use the new computer with German
XP (only).  All I have to do is plug it in.  But then running DOS is
difficult - but I only do that a couple of times a year in contests so I
could use a laptop then.  But if you have some good reasons for still
keeping Win98, then I'll re-install everything.


As soon as I get the new ham computer sorted out, I'll order the Jupiter
software from you.


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