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RE: [TenTec] Re: FULL QSK? What it is

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Subject: RE: [TenTec] Re: FULL QSK? What it is
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Date: Sun, 14 Nov 2004 16:18:25 -0700
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> I always considered full-break-in (full qsk) to be where I can hear
> between all sent characters, more to make sure no doubling with the
> station is taking place than anything else, as this will cause much 
> confusion.
> Mike N9IVO

Hi, Mike,

Understand that confusion arises here because one must address the question, At 
what *speed* can you hear between the characters?, which you have not done. If 
I can hear between the characters at 40 or 68 or 100 words per minute, that may 
satisfy me but may not be sufficient for someone who demands that ability at, 
say, 120 words per minute. At that point, the standing condition is called 
"Full QSK" by one person, and "No QSK" by another.

We've already had one claim that "True Full QSK" is the ability to hear between 
dits at infinite speed, and that any less, is, well, less than "Full QSK".



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