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RE: [TenTec] Hi power Ten Tec ant tuner swr drift?

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Subject: RE: [TenTec] Hi power Ten Tec ant tuner swr drift?
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Date: Sun, 14 Nov 2004 17:20:44 -0700
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> Very good Al..I am the originial poster..
> I was merely inquireing as to why one L network would have 
> swr drift while 
> another later model L network would not under some circumstances.
> I will query Ten Tec next week and see if I can either 
> purchase or secure 
> the hf fixed caps they use in their current L network.

Hello, Original Poster,

Well, I am guilty of the same offense that seems to plague almost every 
question posted here... I didn't answer the original question.

Good idea to call Ten Tec. They may tell you that the capacitors haven't 
changed, in which case you will have to look elsewhere for what's causing the 
difference: the balun; oxidation on the roller inductor, which you can clean; 
the calibration of the SWR meter causing perhaps a false SWR minimum location.

Al  W6LX

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