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Subject: RE: [TenTec] Re: XP v. 98
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Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2004 12:10:36 -0500
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Hi Chuck,
Can you tell me which version Mandrake (for linux) did you install?

I had the 7.0 version and installed nicely. But I couldn't figure out how to
run the operating system! I couldn't install applications, or do any tasks
except "explore" the desktop itself! (Lets see what this tab opens....ah,
ok, close it. Lets see what that does....ah, ok.....etc etc).

It was really frustrating. (heh heh)


Chuck writes:
I have to second that, I got sick of pop ups and spyware so started 
running mozilla on win98se. It works much better than IE and led me to 
look into Linux after I upgraded to a modern motherboard & amd2200xp 
processor. Had problems running win98 (lots of lockups) with the newer 
hardware and I did not like XP ($), so about a year ago got Mandrake 
Linux and love it. I have win98se running on old PC for those programs I 
got to keep and Linux on my newer Main PC.

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