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Subject: [TenTec] Subject: FS:Ten Tec Station
From: "George R. Griesbach W5GRG" <w5grg@comforttexas.net>
Reply-to: w5grg@comforttexas.net, tentec@contesting.com
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2004 21:34:17 -0600
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I am reposting this today to clarify and answer some questions. I will put
this stuff on ebay this weekend if it does not sell here. As stated below,
this is not my stuff, I do not own it.
Before I pack it and ship it the SK's widow wants $2500.00 FIRM PRICE. She
doesn't care how the money comes in but it must total $2500.00. I would say
one way is to take $1250.00 ea for the radio and amp, and whomever buys both
gets the tuner for free, if they are separated, she would hold the one
payment until the other comes in. But you may have a different idea- email
me with it- the only ideas rejected would be for less money. Both are
excellent cosmetic condition last used in March 2003. I have not tested
either one but both were working 100% when the ham went SK.
I am going to the hams house tomorrow to take some digital pictures.
I have plenty of my own stuff on my website to sell if anyone is interested.
Thank You
George R. Griesbach W5GRG
505 River Oaks Rd.
Comfort, Texas 78013

For Sale;

TenTec Paragon II w/matching power supply and TenTec desk mic.

Ten Tec Centurion 422 painted Gray linear Amp

TenTec 238 Antenna Tuner

Some small items , key, cables ,etc.

Selling all for $2500.00 Firm cash price

I am selling this for the widow of a SK ham friend of mine. Everything is in
very good shape a 9-10 and works well. All original boxes, and manuals. I
will box it up and get it to the shipping company included, but freight
charges are extra. Possible help on the shipping, I don't know but will ask.
I did not take pictures but will guarantee the above description of physical
I can possibly get pictures next week.
Email me with questions, etc.

Thank You
George R. Griesbach W5GRG
505 River Oaks Rd.
Comfort, Texas 78013
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