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Subject: Re: [TenTec] QSK
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Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2004 16:28:41 -0700
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I just came in from the unheated garage where I've been working on a vfo for 
a Globe Chief 90 and I caught your email.  The vfo is a pto from a T195, 
with a 6BA6 oscillator on 160 and a 6BA6 buffer stage.  I added a 12AU7 that 
provides two triodes to double to 80 and 40, so I get both 160 and 40 meter 
output to drive the Chief.  Some of us still do a little work in tube 

I also have a DX-60 and HR-10 vfo that I'm going to add to my boatanchor 
collection out there as soon as I get the Chief and its vfo working together 
OK.  They still do a good job.  And my QSK system has solved the "manual 
switching" problems.  I just hit the key to go on cw or throw one "transmit" 
switch to go on AM phone.

You can still find DX-60's at flea markets and on eBay.  You should revisit 
your misspent youth.


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Subject: RE: [TenTec] QSK

> Neato!
> Reminds me of the tube days when I had the Heath dx 60 and matching vfo 
> and
> rx. Man all the steps to go thru to tune and then manual switching between
> tx/rx! Sri I sold it back then.....I got a TT Century 21 with the sale
> money. Still have the TT rig.  :)
> Ron
> Wb1hga
> I'm probably hopelessly old fashioned, I still use my "boatanchors" on the
> air regularly like my DX-100, Valiant, Globe King, 75A4, BC-348 and 
> HRO-50.
> My QSK system uses time-sequenced mercury-wetted relays to 1) transfer the
> antenna from the receiver to the transmitter and cut the receiver gain 
> back
> to a level where I can monitor the actual transmitted signal on the
> receiver, 2) turn on the transmitter oscillator, and 3) turn on the
> transmitter final amplifier and the Heath SB-200 if I'm using it.  When I
> let up the key, the relays release in the opposite sequence.  Mercury 
> wetted
> relays switch in under a millisecond, so it works darned well.
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