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Date: Sat, 20 Nov 2004 08:10:37 -0500
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TenTec Items For Sale:

TenTec 546 Omni D, series C, HF CW / SSB xcvr.
This is the latest of the Omni D series rigs.  It is all
solid state, with up to 100 W output. The ALC can 
also be turned back with a front panel control for QRP
operation. Covers 160 through 10 meters, including 
the 10 MHz WARC band. The 18 and 24 MHz WARC 
bands can be added with optional crystals (see below).
Full QSK on CW, and a fantastic receiver. Terrific 
audio quality on SSB also. Built in audio CW filter. 
Digital read out. This one is in very, very nice shape, 
with manual and power cord for $335.

Optional crystals to add WARC bands to 546 Omni series C.
Simply plug in to the rig to add the bands.
Crystal for 18 MHz (17 meter) WARC band.  $15
Crystal for 24.5 MHz (12 meter) WARC band  $15

TenTec 705 desk microphone.
Four pin plug, matches most all of TenTec rigs.  
This is the current desk microphone TenTec is 
selling. It works 100% and looks very close to 
new, with paper work for $79.

TenTec 251 power supply
This is the power supply that was made to go with the
Argonaut when used with the 405 linear amp.  It is
somewhat rare.  The 251 will supply 13 V DC at up to
9 amps.  It was also used with the Triton I (the 50 W 
output model), and could be used with any rig needing
13 V DC at up to 9 amps.  This styling matches the 505
or 509 Argonaut, the 405 amp, the Triton I and II and
others that are the walnut wood grain and eggshell white.
This particular one works fine and includes the paper 
work for $60.

Prices do not include shipping from Florida.



Ken, W8EK

Ken Simpson
E-mail to KenW8EK@hotpop.com or W8EK@arrl.net
Voice Phone  (352) 732-8400

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