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Re: [TenTec] Orion and digital modes?

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Orion and digital modes?
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Date: Sun, 21 Nov 2004 08:52:39 EST
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The interfaces are nothing more than isolation transformers.  You may or may 
not need one depending on grounding, hum, or RF in the shack issues.  I use 
one from Donners Digital and it works great.  I ordered the Microham version 
because it adds USB to Serial control of the radio and CW.  Has been shipped 
hasn't arrived.

Here's a few tips that are not interface related but may help you in your 

Remember to set Menu => SSB => Audio source to AUX to use the input from the 
AUX jack.  If you set it to MIC, nothing from the Aux jack goes to the audio 
input and if you set it to BOTH, your Mic is "live."  Use the same SSB menu to 
adjust your AUX Input Gain to a level that is comfortable with your sound card 

Since the output from the Orion aux jack and supplied cable is at a fixed 
level on left audio, you have to be sure you watch your AUDIO => Left setting.  
If it is on "Both" you will get audio from both Rcvrs feeding into your 
soundcard.  Since the output is fixed, just turning down the volume on the Sub 
does not change the level coming out the aux jack.  I had a terrible time with 
double trace appearing in PSK31.  Turns out I had the Sub Rx on with one VFO 
set to USB and the other to LSB so both signals were showing up on my screen 
but slightly offset.  

One final note, the output of your computer is stereo but the input to the 
radio is mono.  The output of your software may also be mono.  Thus, if the 
computer software output is on one channel but the radio input is on the other, 
the sound doesn't get from your computer to the radio.  It drove me crazy.  I 
finally got a stereo to mono adapter plug and plugged the radio input into one 
side and then the other until I found the correct side for the audio.

Radio k4ia
Fredericksburg, Virginia USA
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