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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Orion and Digital modes
From: "Simon Brown, HB9DRV" <simon@hb9drv.ch>
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Date: Sun, 21 Nov 2004 19:06:03 +0100
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One general note for those starting out with PSK and digital modes: never
run any ALC - as soon as you do the signal starts to get very wide and can
actually be more difficult to copy. I write this as a developer of PSK31 and
other non-released digital mode software.

The IMD gets worse and the software has more problems copying the signal. A
cleaner signal is much easier to decode than a slightly bad strong one.

If you want to see bad signals just look for guys who are over-driving and /
or not using isolating transformers. I've seen really bad signals from
over-driven FT-817's. If you see a PSK31 signal repeated every 50Hz or 60Hz
it's due to lack of isolating transformers.

Old hands will know this.

Simon Brown

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From: "Ed Cooper" <n6np@cox.net>

>  When using the Orion I run just a little over 50% power (60 watts) and
> If for only short periods up to 75 watts.  If you go any higher the rig
> runs too hot.

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