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The Corsair 560 (the "pretty" Corsair) without filters should be worth
anywhere from $250 to $450 depending on condition.  A dusty Corsair is a bad
sign of condition.  Buyers will be interested in how "smooth" the mechanical
PTO turns.  A tight feel indicates a PTO rebuild is required.

Each of the three optional crystal filters easily sells for about $65 alone
and a lot of weasels remove them from the rig to sell separately.

Any TT 20 amp supply is worth at least $60 even to a technician just to
power a base 2M rig.  The remote VFO should get you at lease a $100 although
a Corsair II VFO sold on eBay this weekend for only $85 - a steal IMHO.

As much as I avoid eBay, in a case like yours where you are unfamiliar with
the radio, you don't know what it is worth, and your opinion of an 8 or 9 is
likely way different from mine, it's really best to put it up on eBay,
advertise it as you just did here, and let the market decide it's worth.

73! =paul= W8KC
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I'm trying to sell  some tenTec equipment for a lady who's husband is

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