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Date: Mon, 22 Nov 2004 07:33:38 -0500
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It's like this. TenTec (factory) removes all optional filters from their used radios and sells the rig for X amount. That sets the base price for the rig. Anyone advertising their rig for more than what the factory wants (filters or no filters) would be hard pressed to get their money. So....the weasely thing to do is remove them and sell them separately.
Weaslism is contagious.

Steve N4LQ
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I am a bit confused by your statement below and maybe you can elaborate a bit....

You said:

 Each of the three optional crystal filters easily sells for about $65
 alone and a lot of weasels remove them from the rig to sell

By my calculator, it is "easily" $195 just for the three filters.

I've never sold a TenTec of any kind, with or without the filters, but your statement above puzzles me. I am not sure why you call the person a "weasel" for separating out the filters. If the radio you were referring to is at the $250 end of the range you were talking about, are you saying they should offer it as a package and sell it for $250 + $195= $445?

The thought comes to mind that someone may not want to pay that much for a radio that is worth only $250, filters or not. Or, they may already have some or all of the filters.

Or, are you implying the seller should just include almost $200 of filters as a "gift" because the radio was found with the filters in it?

I own an Omni 6+ loaded with filters. If I sell it to buy an Orion, do I raise the price of the radio way up to cover the cost of the filters, give them for free as a "gift" or risk being thought a "weasel" for offering them separately?

Sorry to call you on this, but I am not sure what you are suggesting or why the seller would be a weasel for offering the filters separately.

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