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Date: Mon, 22 Nov 2004 14:48:26 +0200 (IST)
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Carter Grabarczyk wrote:
> Paul,
> I am a bit confused by your statement below and maybe you can elaborate 
> a bit....
> You said:
> >  Each of the three optional crystal filters easily sells for about $65
> >  alone and a lot of weasels remove them from the rig to sell
> >  separately.
> By my calculator, it is "easily" $195 just for the three filters.

Sort of. The filters would go for $65 each if you carefully removed them
from the radio (AFIK they solder in), cleaned them up, carefully packaged
them and trotted them off to the post office. 

In the radio they are worth far less. There is a risk of damaging either
the radio, the filter, or both and it "guts" an old classic. If someone 
wanted the radio they would now have to pay for the filters at $65 which 
includes a lot of extra expense.

I personally would not do it, but I have a policy of never breaking something
that works to fix something that doesn't.

The real question is the condition of the PTO. If it needs to be rebuilt,
which is extremely likely unless it has been rebuilt recently, the cost is
either some skilled labor and $25 in parts or $150-$200, about $100 to 
TenTec, shipping, container, and insurance both ways.

>From what I have seen here, the radio with the 3 filters, a rebuilt PTO
and looking like it was treaded kindly since it came from the factory
would go for $550-$600. From his description, it would probably be worth
$250-$350 as you would have to rebuild the PTO and clean it up, and it
won't look that good when you are done.

Of course someone with some skill and time could buy it for around $300,
spend $25 on a PTO rebuild kit and with time and effort get it in tip top
shape and sell it for $600. However the time involved might not be
rewarded very well.


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