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Re: [TenTec] Question regarding Omni VI+ on SSB

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Question regarding Omni VI+ on SSB
From: Jerry Volpe <kg6tt@tomorrowsweb.com>
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Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2004 11:29:37 -0800
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I am about 80% SSB these days but I hope to push in more CW time. Nevertheless I had a Jupiter and liked it for as far is it went. A very nice 'modern' transceiver with nicely above average performance in SSB and CW. I traded my Jupiter for an Omni-6+ which was my original desire. If I were not balancing budgets all the time I would have kept the Jupiter as it was a fun rig (I still have my RX-350 which the receiver from the Jupiter). But I had to make choices and I did and I am not at all sorry about it. The Omni-6+ is in a class by itself. I am in a very difficult reception area due to high amounts of electrical noise and nearby AM Broadcast stations. The Omni-6+ pulls out stations that the other rigs I have tried (Jupiter, IC-756 Pro II and FT-1000 MP,...) had trouble with or were just not as easy to listen to.

Last weekend I participated in the ARRL SS sideband contest. The Omni-6+ did a great job for me. My latest additions included an MFJ-434 voice keyer and a boom mounted Heil HM-10 dual element mic. I ran the contest with the rig's processor off nearly all the time and received numerous unsoliced comments regarding my transmit audio. I am pleased. My Omni-6+ has a full compliment of Ten-Tec IF and roofing crystal filters. Now, one last comment.... on receive the Omni-6+ is tight for sure. If you are a genuine 'rag chewer' that tends to operate under more or less pleasant and easy going conditions then you should use the Jupiter as it is just more pleasant in SSB. But if you are trying to hear stations that are buried, etc there is no contest. The Omni-6+ is great.

Just my opinions.

Jerald, KG6TT
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