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RE: [TenTec] Question regarding Omni VI+ on SSB

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Subject: RE: [TenTec] Question regarding Omni VI+ on SSB
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Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2004 22:34:30 -0800
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Lee, so far it looks like the opinions are all over the place.

I've had an Omni V, VI, VI+, Jupiter, and two Orions.

My favorite radio outside of contests or die-hard dxing is the Jupiter.
It's fun factor is additionally enhanced with N4PY control software.

The OMNIs, with the optional filters are clearly better performers under
adverse conditions than the Jupiter.  Also, here in Europe where we have
worse conditions (especially 40m) than you guys have in the states, the
Omnis outperform the Jupiter in their ultimate ability to pull in the weak
signal.  Again, this is only true under contest conditions (crowded bands)
or on a Sunday morning on our tiny European 40m band.

The Jupiter has its advantage in the opposite direction.  You are able to
widen the filter.  It's an absolute pleasure to work SSB with 3 kHz
bandwidth when the band conditions permit it.  You can't do that with the
Omnis.  And many of us enjoy running the radios from the computer screen.
You can't do that on the Omnis either.

Except for the narrower bandwidth, the Omni is an outstanding SSB
transceiver.  I'm not quite sure why Steve didn't think so, unless it was
for the inability to widen the filters. I always got excellent audio reports
with all three of mine. I was using an old Shure 444 mic.  With the VI+ I
also had 1.8 kHz filters in both IFs and coupled with the PBT, I could
really narrow in on the desired station on crowded bands.  

Finally, the ORION has the advantages of both the Jupiter and the Omni VI,
but it's in another price class.  My biggest problem with the Orion, apart
from its huge size, is, because I operate many different radios all the
time, I'm always searching for stuff on the Orion.  If I only had an Orion
and only used an Orion, this would not be an issue.


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Subject: [TenTec] Question regarding Omni VI+ on SSB

I am thinking of getting an Omni VI+. I do 90 % SSB, very little CW. Is this

a great SSB radio (I know folks love them for CW)?

I work a lot of DX, some DX contesting

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