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[TenTec] IP3 controversy

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Subject: [TenTec] IP3 controversy
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Date: Thu, 25 Nov 2004 07:45:37 EST
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Hello all, I have been reading a few reviews and asking questions about this 
"Third order intercept" number that is all the rave these days. I have a vague 
understanding of what this is, but some controversy has arisen as to how 
important this really is.

Rob Sherwood of Sherwood Engineering only lists dynamic range numbers on his 
Dayton 2004 comparison chart. I ran into him on the air and asked him why he 
does not show IP3?
He responded that anybody can raise there IP3 number simply by turning on 
their attenuator on any rig and so it wasn't that important to him. I just read 
the same statement on the latest review of the IC756PROII where the VK poster 
said anyone can raise their IP3 by inserting an attenuator in front of the 

I vaguely remember reading Doug Smith's Article on receiver performance, 
where he stated that dynamic range numbers alone did not tell the whole story 
receiver performance, and you had to consider IP3 numbers to get an accurate 
picture. Since he helped develop Orion, I assume he knows what he's talking 

Bottom line, Who's right, and Just how important is IP3?

73, Todd - KT0DD - kd7efq@aol.com 
"The race is over...THE RATS WON !"
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