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RE: [TenTec] Tentec Orion & Oscilloscope question

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Subject: RE: [TenTec] Tentec Orion & Oscilloscope question
From: "Eric SENSI" <eric.sensi@skynet.be>
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Date: Thu, 25 Nov 2004 19:32:52 +0100
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Many thanks to all the fellow hams for all the replies and also to the hams
who were in touch with me "off" this reflector ! Ham spirit is in the house

Well, I think I have all the answers now...

1. I'm on my way to find a solution to get an RF Bird sampler 4273 but, as
mentioned by the belgian bird dealer, they are almost impossible to find at
a good price here !

2. If I can't find this RF bird sampler (the best solution IMO)... then I'll
go for the "T" shaped M/F/F plug on the ANT 1 output... Someone says that
the radio will not see the small impedance bump on HF even with an open
connection on this "T" shaped connector.

3. A the moment, I'm taking the LINE OUT signal at the back of the Orion
just to be familiar with the Tektronix o'scope... but I don't think that is
what I wanted at first ! This RCA provides an AUDIO signal (even on
transmit) not an RF signal to monitor... I think it's totally different, but
again, as I'm not into electronics I can't explain it with the right words.

Anyway, as a beginning, it's fun to see those dancing curves on the o'scope
! :-) But really, one day, i'd like to monitor the signal to see what are
the effects of MIC GAIN, SPEECH PROCESSOR, BANDWIDTH, etc if it's possible
on a scope... Maybe some functions are done with a spectrum analyser instead

In fact I'd like to see that just because I'm not always sure the radio is
putting RF on the antenna... when I pushed the PTT on the 706 mike (on a new
frequency or a new band) the ALC LED did not flash immediately - the power
meter needle is moving very slowly to reach the "100" at the end of the
scale ! Is it a sort of protection from the Orion ? Is there a kind of self
check from the radio just before transmitting at full throttle ?

The scope will help me to verify that RF is going out of the radio as soon
as I push the PTT switch !

Best regards to all....

Eric, ON6CV.


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