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Re: [TenTec] Omni 6+ rx dead

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Omni 6+ rx dead
From: Joe Malloy <jmalloy@stny.rr.com>
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Date: Thu, 25 Nov 2004 18:10:20 -0500
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Jim Miller WB5OXQ wrote:

My old faithful and beloved omni 6+ had no receive when I turned it on last
night.  It will transmit fine but the receiver acts like there is no antenna
connected to it on all bands.  There are the usual birdies here and there
and it will receive the signal from another hf rig who's antenna is about
50' away.  The 100 watt signal from the other rig gives only about a S5 on
the omni's S meter.  I cnecked the antenna connections and the rca cables to
and from the qsk connection on the Centurion and all seems good.  I replaced
the amp cables with a jumper with no results.
Unless someone has a suggestion I guess it is off to TenTec Service.
Jim in Waco, WB5OXQ.

Does the Omni VI+ have an antenna switch that allows the rx to use a different antenna than the tx? I'm thinking of a little slide switch on the rear of the unit. Those things cause problems every now and then but a quick shot of DeOxit usually gets everything humming again....it's a thought, anyway. Happy Thanksgiving, by the by.


Joe, W2RBA

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