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[TenTec] 302 Knob/Keypad For Sale

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Subject: [TenTec] 302 Knob/Keypad For Sale
From: "W6JC" <w6jc@cox.net>
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Date: Thu, 25 Nov 2004 19:37:59 -0600
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Does anyone with a Ten Tec Pegasus, Jupiter, Orion or 350D want a 302
Encoder/Keypad accessory tuning knob.   I loved having that when I owned a
Pegasus.  It is a very convenient way to tune around the band in analog
style and the three function keys can be programmed for one button access to
your favorite most used functions.  The keypad is also pretty handy to go
directly to a frequency.  I was planning to hang onto it in case Ten Tec
might come out with another pure computer controlled rig or maybe an
upgraded Pegasus but I think it is clear that is not happening so if anyone
is interested contact W6JC@cox.net.  It is sad to see only two HF rig
options left with Ten Tec and the Orion is way too far out of my price
class.  The Jupiter is just a Pegasus with knobs and I am so used to using
the computer interface that I now much prefer that type of ham rig.  After
nearly 56 years of ham radio I have become a total convert to the computer
based rigs.   I really enjoy the clean desk and the tidy setup in my office.
I have been a Ten Tec fan since I bought a Triton IV with an outboard VFO
more than 30 years ago that still works like a champ.  It can even receive
on two frequencies simultaneously which is great for DXing split operation.
It is still has excellent audio and is a very stable PTO.  I am concerned
though as I see Ten Tec backing away from so many excellent products and
leaving the arena of medium to low cost radios behind.  I also still own a
Hercules II which is probably the greatest 500 watt solid state amplifier
ever made.  It has been virtually bullet proof for the nearly 13 years that
I used it as my only amplifier.  It was sad to see that great product go by
the wayside too.  It worked so well with my Omni VI and I still have the
interface cable I made up to allow the Hercules to run in the remote mode so
that it followed the band changes of the Omni VI.  Anyone need an interface
cable?   Best 73, George  

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