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Subject: RE: [TenTec] Noise canceling headphones
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Date: Fri, 26 Nov 2004 21:02:21 -0500
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The Koss QZ Pro model *is* noise cancelling.  Works pretty
well.  About $60.

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> hought about noise canceling headphones like the Heil Quiet Phone.  
> Does anyone have experience with these or others on fan noise when 
> working CW? There are only a few reviews on eHam. 

> I am using Koss QZ/99 phones and am very happy with them. I think I 
> bought them from AES. They are comfortable and sound good. They are 
> NOT noise cancelling headphones. They just cover the ears completely 
> and keep out noise better than most. Previously I was using Heil 
> BM-10, which I also really like, however they are lightweight, not ear 
> covering. I orginally got the Koss QZ/99 because my XYL complained 
> that the BM-10 would not stay on her ears. This is more of a problem 
> with longer hair, as hair between the headphone pads and the ears 
> tends to make them slip off of the ears. Headphones that surround the 
> ear stay on much better. Once I got the Koss QZ/99 I found that I like 
> them better both because they stay on better and they block out noise 
> better. This keeps the Titan 425 fan noise out of my ears nicely. I 
> cannot say whether they work better to keep external noise out of the 
> ears better than active electronic noise cancelling heaphones, however 
> they cost a lot less and work great for me.



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