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Subject: [TenTec] too much fun
From: Lee Crocker <w9oy@yahoo.com>
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Date: Sun, 28 Nov 2004 21:05:43 -0800 (PST)
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Put my Orion through a few paces during the contest
this past weekend.  I could only operate about ten
hours, but I never had so much fun as I did with the
receiver in this rig.  Even with some thunderstorms
blowing through last night I was able to sidle right
next to some of the big contest stations and work
almost non existent stations down in the mud.  It
never burped, locked up, or did anything
unpredictable.  I love this radio.  I ran only 160M,
80M and 40M, using omni-directional verticals and the
QRN and QRM reduction capability of this rig, for very
severe conditions, blew me away.   

I used N4PY's software and one thing I would like to
see implamented is the ability to add a few scratch
pad memories so I could set up some splits on several
of the big pile ups and just flip back and forth
between pile ups looking for a lull in the action,
while continuing to tune the band.  Another thing I
would like to see is the last frequency you were on
added to a scratch pad prior to another scratch pad
being accessed.  For example lets say you had pileups
on 7002 with split +1, 7004 and 7006 you were
following, and you were tuning 7025.  When you hit the
memory to check  7002 it would set up the main memory,
the split the mode, antenna filters and other
parameters like noise reduction noise blanker etc, and
turn the split function on and transfer you to 7002,
but before it switched it would write 7025, mode and
filter info etc. to a scratch pad, so if the pile was
still too big you could just hit the last tuned
scratch pad and you would be back at 7025 set up just
the way you left.  I think it would be useful.  Just a

Hope you all had a good time too.


Lee W9OY  

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