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Re: [TenTec] Orion 1st Year of Use

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Orion 1st Year of Use
From: John Sheeley <wb4qda@yahoo.com>
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Date: Wed, 1 Jun 2005 10:57:17 -0700 (PDT)
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very well said John I completely agree
 John WB4QDA

--- N0KHQ@aol.com wrote:

> Hello Group,
> I am a Beta tester for  engineering at TT and am
> very proud to have been 
> selected to participate in the  commissioning of the
> Orion and software.
> I am, by nature, a very  analytical individual with
> a positive team spirit 
> attitude. I have owned the  Orion for one year now
> and I've got to tell you, 
> this is the best rig I have  ever owned. It wasn't
> an easy decision to sell my 
> TS-850S, TS-950SDX and IC-756  Proll but they just
> were not of any use to me any 
> more. I still have the  TS-830S. Every now and then
> I fire up the old beast 
> and have some fun for a  while. Then turn it off,
> cover it up and its back to 
> the Orion.
> It is a  real pleasure to finally have a rig that
> allows me to control 
> features that  other manufactures don't allow. If
> you own an Orion, you know what 
> I'm talking  about.
> There are 23 Beta Testers working with engineering
> at TT right now  and each 
> is an expert in there own fields (including
> programming) of operation.  My 
> expertise is SSB and general operation only. These
> are the features that I  will 
> be commissioning in the next beta release. Which, by
> the way, should be  
> released for testing sometime this month baring no
> "Gotchas". 
> There is  an old saying in the software programming
> world that goes something 
> like  this:
> Debugging is twice as hard as writing the code in
> the first  place.
> Therefore, if you write the code as cleverly as
> possible, you  are,
> by definition, not smart enough to debug it.
> (reprint)   
> This is why TT (or any other manufacturer) has beta
> testers and  encourages 
> positive constructive input from its equipment
> users.  Non-constructive 
> negative or slanderous remarks about a product
> contribute  absolutely nothing to its 
> improvement or enhancement.
> If you own an  Orion, Jupiter, Pegasus or even an
> SDR-1000 I would encourage 
> you to purchase  what's call a "T-4 Line Isolator"
> and install it right at the 
> antenna outputs of  the rig. I also would encourage
> you to install ferrite 
> beads or Radio Shacks  "Ice Cube" ferrite on the
> keying line going from the rig 
> to your linear.  Installation of these two items
> will allow for trouble free 
> operation of your  SDR.
> I never had to use these components on any of my
> other rigs, but  they were 
> not computer based ham radio transceivers either. 
> I can  guarantee you that Kenwood, Yeasu and Icom
> are working on software 
> based rigs to  be released probably before the peak
> of the next solar cycle. It 
> only makes  sense to manufacture a rig using 75%
> less components and to sell it 
> for twice  the price. These people are not stupid.
> Its coming.....get ready, 
> ham radio will  never be the same.
> I bought the Orion for what it is, a software based 
> ham radio transceiver 
> that allows ME, the user, to have control over
> features  that, in my opinion, 
> are very important.
> If you don't own an Orion, you  owe it to yourself
> to try one and compare it 
> to other rigs you may have or to  other rigs on the
> market today.
> If you have owned an Orion and didn't  like
> it.......that's cool! You can't 
> please  everyone.
> 73
> John / N0KHQ / St.  Louis
> http://www.hamuniverse.com/antennas.html
> http://www.cebik.com/moxon/n0khq.html   
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