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Subject: Re: [TenTec] purchase question
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Date: Wed, 1 Jun 2005 08:17:52 -0400
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I've had a Pegasus since 2000. It's a good rig in it's price range. It's not
what the early TenTec ads claimed of a $3000 radio for $800. At the price
you quoted, it does sound like a good deal.

The filter skirts are pretty wide, particularly at the narrow end. For
example, when I set the filter to 300 Hz (the narrowest) and monitor the
received signal using a PSK31 program waterfall display, I can see signals
over a 600 Hz range. In contrast, with my Icom 746 Pro, if I set the filter
to 300 Hz, all I see on the waterfall is 300 Hz. Icom will actually narrow
to 50 Hz and at 50 Hz, you only see 50 Hz on the waterfall. What this means
is that if there are three CW signals 300 Hz apart (and you want to copy one
of them) at best, you will be able to eliminate only one of the interfering
ones (even with the wide filter skirts, you could eliminate one of just two
by using the PBT.

The initial front end (roofing) filter is 15 or 20 kHz wide. Very strong
signals within that range may affect the desired signal, even if you can't
hear it. For example, a net that I used to join was 5 kHz or so above
another net. Some of the folks on the other net had strong (and perhaps
wide) signals. When they were talking, I could hear pops on the net
frequency I was monitoring.

The TenTec software supplied with the radio is somewhat primitive and fails
to fully exploit the radio's features. Fortunately there are other software
packages available, or if you have the skill, you can write your own.

There is no external speaker jack. While you can go into the radio and
extract the speaker audio, if you use an external speaker, you must either
isolate it or make sure that the external speaker is not grounded. This is a
very important caution. I know of at least one Jupiter (similar circuitry)
that was physically damaged and had to be sent back to TenTec for repair.

Receive is okay unless the band is crowded with very strong stations.
Transmit audio is good to very good.

TenTec service is there if you have problems. If you've never dealt with
them, you're in for a pleasant suprise when you do. You can actually talk to
a technician who will help you troubleshoot a problem. If the problem is
identified as a component that you feel comfortable replacing, they'll
probably send you that component and let you install it.

Things to consider.

Do you want to use a computer and mouse to control the radio? The remote pod
helps, but that's only one knob (though you can change it's function with
some software).  I do like having the remote pod next to the computer
keyboard. It's a more natural operating position than reaching up to the
front panel of a radio (for me, anyways).

If you are going to use another computer program (such as for logging, PSK31
or SSTV) along with the Pegasus, you'll need to have lots of room on your
monitor (or perhaps two monitors) or the two program windows will have to
overlap each other.

If you aren't already using a computer in the shack, you may find that
computers can be a source of interference. I found that my 15" CRT monitor
at 1024 by 768 resolution produced noticable interference (even though my
antenna is over 175 feet from the shack). Switching to a different
resolution solved the problem. Replacing the monitor with an LCD monitor was
a better solution.

Mark, N8ME

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Subject: [TenTec] purchase question

> I have an opportunity to purchase a Pegasus w/ pod and software for
> I have heard it and know the person who has it very well. It is clean and
> well cared for. As I see on several of the for sale sites, this is a good
> price. I've never had a computer controlled rig and would like to hear a
> couple of people's ideas about it.
> Thanks for your consideration of this mail.
> Best Regards,
> Ralph Howes
> Lancaster, OH
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