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Subject: Re: [TenTec] TT Orion
From: Gary Tuck <garyltuck@comcast.net>
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Date: Wed, 1 Jun 2005 06:59:38 -0700
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"...So, in short, my take is this. There are many, many competent  
radios out
there that will work just fine. The Orion fills the gap where you  
need to
dig deep to pull out the DX who is light copy or who is in there in a
crowded band. That's why I got, and intend to keep, mine. "

Here, here.  I've had my share of fairly minor issues as well and  
have posted here to find that I'm not alone.  But TT bashing I'm not  

In nearly 30 years I've had a string of what were, at the time, top  
of the line Kenwood and Drake rigs along with Yaesu vhf and Icom  
receivers.  Not a one of them was perfect. I've bought extra audio  
filters to deal with hiss and AGC overshoot,  InRad filters for  
better selectivity , installed mods for a variety of issues and kept  
looking for the perfect radio.  When reviewing the recent history of  
firmware updates, 90% of what Ten Tec has fixed, I never realized was  
a problem.  I think they are trying for that perfect radio for DXers  
and contesters.

I don't care that the screen only comes in two flavors--black and  
white or white and black. I do care about the bullet proof front end  
and noise fighting abilities.  Neither has been compromised by little  
glitches that we suffer from.  As Tommy has said, it's the best  
hardware around. And Toby has said, he just wants the best of 1.367  
and 1.372.  I fully agree with both of these gentleman.  I'll bet TT  
has way too much at stake not to get firmware version 2.0 right,  
whatever it takes.  In the meantime I'll still be awed by a rig that  
allows me to camp next to a 9+30db signal unaware of it's existence  
or take down line noise over s9 and still operate happily.

Gary W7TEA
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