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Re: [TenTec] purchase question Pegasus

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] purchase question Pegasus
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Date: Thu, 2 Jun 2005 20:49:02 -0400
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Ralph I have been meaning to answer your first post however I have been
doing other things and deleted that post.  I did state early in this week
that I have had three Jupiters, this is true and it really takes me along
time to learn.  Now for the rest of the story.  I bought one of the first
Pegasus's out in 1999 or 2000 I can't remember now.  I sold the Peggy to get
the new Jupiter.  For me that was a big mistake.  I could not read the
menus, the printing was too small and I felt back then with the "NEW"
Jupiter the receiver audio was very bad.  Ten-Ten did not have their great
307 speakers at that time.  I sent it back before the 30 days was up.  I
never thought about the Jupiter again unitll  sometime in 2002 and bought my
second new Jupiter.  The receive audio was very good with the 307G speaker
and I lived with it for about six months and sold it.  My third Jupiter was
returned to Ten-Tec on the 30 day return and I knew the owner.  I called
Scott and bought this one.  It was good and worked very well but again I
could not read the menus.  I sold this Jupiter and bought my Orion at the
Ten-Tec Homecoming Hamfest 2003.  In March 2004 Ten-Tec had a used equipment
sale and I bought my second Pegasus and still have it.  It is a fun radio
and I can read all the menus on the monitor.  I use the N4PY Pegasus Control
program and the Pegasus is one of the best radio's for the ragchewing.  This
is one SSB and CW.  Carl has a nice little box to check that lets me plug in
a pair of computer speakers to the Line Out Jack.  The audio is the best,
better then my Orion's audio and I use the remote pod to control most of the
Pegasus.  The Pegasus is not an Contest or Dx  radio but for everyday
ragchewing, it is fun.  I don't feel you can go wrong with one.

By the way Ralph I retired from the Air Force at Vandenberg AFB on 31 Aug

I don't post much to this reflector but at times I will, good luck and I
hope you buy the rig that is right for you.  Here is the run down of Ten-Tec
and one other brand of radios at The Buzzard Roost.

Orion, Pegasus, Omni C, Century 21, PM-2, PM-2B, T-Kit 9040 and the lone non
Ten-Tec rig, the ICOM 703 Plus for QRP.  The PM-2's work and if you really
want to see how the Old Timers lived, try one but be ready to hear the whole
band and then some.

Flushing, Ohio

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] purchase question Pegasus

> I want to thank all who responded to my inquiry about buying a Pegasus. I
> really appreciated the input. There seemed to be about 1/2 who had a lot
> warnings and the other 1/2 just loved it. I must say that I also subscribe
> to the Icom reflector and this is the busiest reflector that I have ever
> been on. I also have a TT Omni-C w/ matching power supply and a TT key. I
> really like the TT people. I have gone to the last 3 hamfests in Tenn.
> I'll get to see one of you there this year. Again thanks to all for your
> help with providing input.
> Ralph Howes
> Lancaster, OH
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